Emilie Louise Flöge

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Portrait of Emilie Louise Flöge inspired by Gustav Klimt. Emilie Flöge (30 August 1874 – 26 May 1952 in Vienna) was an Austrian fashion designer, and businesswoman. She was the life companion of the painter Gustav Klimt.

I have always adored Klimt and felt that his occasional portrait of Emilie did not reflect her importance in his life - the one known portrait makes her look more like a timid clothes horse, when she was anything but!

So this is my tribute to her.  I used old photos of her (there are many) and her beautiful dresses she designed to inspire it.  We can have no idea of the colours (apart from some wonderful black and white creations) but I think she would have liked the 'greenery yallery' of my palette.

Of course I had to add gold to represent Klimt and likewise his famous swirls and block patterning.

When it came to the actual portrait, I had Klimt's own portrait to use as guidance for colouring and I hope that her sidelong glance tells you more about the brilliant woman she was than the photographs alone.

Gold and metal leaf with Acrylic on canvas board 20 x 15"


  • Size: Crown : 20" x 15"


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